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Thistles and Roses

Wishing a peaceful passing for Jimmy Carter


Jimmy Carter, our 39th President, has entered hospice care. Hospice care allows people to die with dignity and have time to say goodbye to friends and family. At age 98, the oldest current surviving president and the oldest president ever, he deserves to pass with respect and dignity.

He may pass away before this is published.

I think he was the best person ever to serve as president in terms of values, compassion, and genuine humanity.

His shortcoming as a leader was micro-managing. Another characteristic which hindered him was always doing to right thing, no matter the political consequences.

When Iran did the unthinkable in a civilized world and stormed the United States Embassy in 1979, there were no precedents as to what to do.

A Public Broadcasting System documentary called “Taken Hostage” in American Experience chronicles the 444 days of captivity of Americans. The Iranians did many dishonorable acts to Americans including desecrating the bodies of U.S. soldiers that attempted a failed rescue. It is worth watching to learn the facts.

Carter was no match in his 1980 campaign for re-election against a trained actor like Ronald Reagan who knew how to smoothly deliver lines to make Carter look bad. Reagan is hailed as a great conservative but during the eight years of his presidency the deficit nearly tripled.

Reagan did not have to make decisions about the hostage situation because the hostages were brought home as he was being inaugurated.

Carter was a true-born again Christian, teaching Sunday school at his home church in Plains, Georgia.

Carter’s devotion to Habitat for Humanity is widely known. In 2014, the year of his 90th birthday, he came to Fort Worth to work on many Habitat Houses in the area. He used hand tools and took part in the work himself. How many past presidents can you envision ever doing that?

May he pass peacefully, and then may he forever rest in peace.


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