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Vacation inspires Aledo resident's unique spa


Aledo resident Siera Holleman has opened a different kind of massage parlor in Fort Worth, Squeeze Massage.
Aledo resident Siera Holleman has opened a different kind of massage parlor in Fort Worth, Squeeze Massage.

A trip to Studio City in Los Angeles two years ago inspired Aledo resident Siera Holleman to bring a new kind of massage parlor to North Texas — one that goes above and beyond.

Holleman, 34, opened Squeeze Massage in Fort Worth on March 15 and said her studio not only provides world-class service, but addresses the problems most people have with other facilities.

"I was working here in Fort Worth and having kind of a stressful day," Holleman said. "I told my husband I needed a massage so bad, and he told me to go and get one. But the options out here in Aledo, Fort Worth, all of it, I just didn't like the experience.

"And I didn't want to go and pay spa prices for just kind of a one-off thing. So of course, my phone was listening to me, and later I got an advertisement for Squeeze.”

The Baylor alum said she looked at it, loved the branding and decided to check it out.

Siera Holleman of Aledo has opened a unique type of massage parlor, Squeeze Massage in Fort Worth.
Siera Holleman of Aledo has opened a unique type of massage parlor, Squeeze Massage in Fort Worth.

Following her background

“My background is in marketing, so that is what I noticed first,” Holleman said. “So then when I went into it I noticed that the enhancements don't cost any extra. You don't have to fill anything out. It's app-based, you can just leave when you're done. I saw all of those great perks and I thought, 'If this existed here, that's where I would go.'

“So that's how it got started, and putting it in Fort Worth was because I have DFW at my fingertips. I'm the first one to the market, but I told them I want to be in Fort Worth because I love Fort Worth, and Fort Worth needs this."

Different from others

Squeeze, located at 2621 Whitmore St. in the Foundry District, sets itself apart from other studios in a number of ways.

"The very first way is being able to book on the app," Holleman said. "You can look at the availability that you have and you can look at the bios of all of our massage therapists, so I can look for someone who is really going to help me with my needs. If I've got something going on that I need more of a sports massage for, I can find that and book it based upon that massage therapist's availability.”

Then, while on the app, clients can set up their profiles so therapists can get to know them.

“You set your preferences, and you sign your waiver so that all of that is already done when you come into the shop,” Holleman said. “So the moment you walk through the doors, you are greeted by one person. There is no chaos going on in the lobby when you walk in the door. There is one person, they're expecting you, they show you around, and you're not handed a clipboard." 

And then there's the extras. 

“Anywhere else that you go, they're going to tell you that it's this price. But if you want to add deep tissue, heat therapy, prenatal, aroma therapy, anything really, they call those enhancements, and they're usually $20 a pop," she said. "So you can get pretty high up there fast. 

"With us, all of that is included. Extras don't cost extra.”

Sign up on website also

Holleman stresses that customers do not have to have an app, however.

The massage studio also has a website where clients can create a profile and walk through it, and if they need assistance, the customer service team, “which is extremely well-trained and knowledgeable, is always willing to help.”

Holleman said the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and said a personal encounter with a customer proved to her that Squeeze was on the right track already.

"I remember the first weekend we opened, I was at the front desk, and people would come out and they would have this relaxed look on their face and say, 'What do I do?'," Holleman said. "I said, 'You just get to leave now. You don't have to do anything.' So it is really great."

Ambience a key

Suites are customizable with regard to music, lighting and other amenities, and Holleman said the ambiance makes all the difference.

"Branding is huge," Holleman said. "Squeeze was created by the founders of DryBar. And they found with DryBar that the branding creates a love brand. So we want people to come to Squeeze and say, 'I love being here.' There's something about this space that feels so welcoming and fresh and relaxing that I just want to come back. So we set up with that in mind."


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