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September 2023 Bearcats of Character - Curiosity


The Aledo ISD Board of Trustees recognized the first group of students named Bearcats of Character for the 2023-2024 school year on Tuesday, Sept. 19, for the character trait curiosity.

As a part of the district's character education program called the Positivity Project or P2, the district each month recognizes the good character on display by the great students across all of Aledo ISD.

P2 says that someone displaying curiosity likes to explore and discover, and that curiosity is an important character strength because curious individuals are more likely to ask questions and try new things, which is how we all learn and grow. At its core, curiosity is a form of courage because everyone is naturally curious, but not everyone is willing to experience it and share their curiosity. 

Maverick Baranger, 12th grade

Aledo High School

Maverick always puts in the most effort in all the assignments we do and is always curious to know more about the topics. Maverick is an extremely curious person and continues to explore his potential.

Sebastian Dyke, 11th grade

Aledo Learning Center

Sebastian is a genuine conversationalist, who has become comfortable asking questions while he's having a conversation with peers or teachers. He's also inquisitive when it comes to his school work and wants to dig deeper into the content he's learning.

Harper Jones, 9th grade

Daniel Ninth Grade

Harper is a young woman of integrity who does her best to know how she can improve in all areas of her life. Her drive and curiosity amazes me in all ways, I don't think I know anyone as curious as her.

Skye Sandefur, 6th grade

Aledo Middle School

Skye exhibits a profound curiosity for not only band, but everything in her life. She is patient, observant, and forms intelligent questions. Skye has a clear thirst for knowledge, and I think she deserves to be the AMS Bearcat of Character for September.

Michael Gebhardt, 7th grade

McAnally Middle School

Michael's teacher, Mrs. Dickerson, shared that he is always excited to learn and deepen his knowledge. He has a passion for growing his knowledge as well as trying new things. His natural curiosity leads to him asking good questions in class. He is helpful with others and wants other to learn as well. Thank you for being a leader and positive influence on your fellow McCats!

Gabriel Lewis, 3rd grade

Annetta Elementary School

Gabriel simply has a desire to know. This desire to know can be seen through his drive for learning all throughout the day, starting with the moment he walks into the classroom! He works hard each and every day and is going to accomplish great things this year. Stay curious, Gabriel!

Hayden Lawson, 4th grade

Coder Elementary School

Hayden demonstrates the character strength of curiosity every day. She is always asking relevant questions about things we are working on in class and always wants to know more. She is an explorer who desires to know more about the world around her.

Vivian Carufe, 1st  grade

McCall Elementary School

Vivian is such an extraordinary learner! She exhibits the attribute of curiosity each day and in every subject! This week, she used our vocabulary word "wonder" many times to describe her curiosity about the world around her - posing questions about nature, science, and texts we've read as a class and engaging her friends to explore with her. Her sense of curiosity compels her peers to also wonder about their own learning!

Kinley Morrow, 4th grade

Stuard Elementary School

Albert Einstein once said, "The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing." We need curious students, just like Kinley, to keep us moving forward and doing new things. Complacency causes stagnation, and Kinley is never complacent. She always strives to know more and learn more about the world around her. Through her questioning and curiosity she brings a vibrancy to our class and the world.

Lyncoln Zamarripa, 4th Grade

Vandagriff Elementary School

Lyncoln Zamarripa has a strong desire to learn new things and has an inquisitive mindset. She is always open to start new and challenging conversations.

Parker Cupak, 3rd Grade

Walsh Elementary School

Parker stands out as a shining example of a student who demonstrates curiosity and never settles for the surface-level understanding of a topic. He consistently goes above and beyond by asking insightful questions that push the boundaries of our classroom discussions. Parker's dedication to learning and his inquisitive nature have undoubtedly made a positive impact on our classroom dynamic and have encouraged his peers to also embrace their own curiosity.


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