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Howard and Mary D. are available for adoption


Meet Howard and Mary D., two of the many dogs available for adoption through Saving Hope animal rescue. Their stated mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and find homes for abandoned, neglected, and abused domestic animals in Fort Worth and surrounding areas.

This is also “Clear the Shelters” month, sponsored by Telemundo and NBC 5. There is a special emphasis to adopt animals, mostly cats and dogs, from the area shelters. You can go to a shelter and start adopting an animal.

Saving Hope aspires to educate people on the issue of unwanted and abandoned animals. Spaying and neutering is high on the list. Surprisingly, there are many macho Texans that refuse to castrate or spay their animals. Many of our fellow citizens consider animals to be property without need of nurture.

There is a recently-released, well-made documentary called “Rescuing Rex” that discusses this phenomena. The same movie says Texas has the highest number of unwanted animals in the entire country. It is time many Texans had a change of attitude.

At Saving Hope, many of the animals are fostered by individuals until homes are found. Our family is fostering Howard and Mary D., two loving and beautiful puppies found abandoned under the bridge of the I20/I30 merge in Parker County.

They were heat exhausted and dehydrated and covered with countless fleas and ticks that were literally sucking the life out of them. With a little TLC, they have become wonderful dogs that need homes. Our ark is full with our three other dogs, already.

There are about 1,200 animals currently available through Saving Hope. Some young, some old, some with special issues but all have one thing in common, they need a home and a human to love and care for them.

You can find out more about Howard and Mary D. and many other animals at the Saving Hope website. There are fees and costs. Owning an animal has its responsibilities.

If you want to adopt a Saving Hope animal, there is an application process. Potential owners are screened. Please don’t be offended by this. The last thing anyone wants is a failed adoption. There is a meet and greet between the fosters and the prospective owners to see if it is a good fit.

The end result is hopefully a forever home.

Go to The Saving Hope website at https://savinghoperescue.org/ and get started. An animal out there needs you and will repay you many times over with love and appreciation.


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