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Slings and Arrows

Fine Christian gentlemen at it again



I received a text message a couple of days ago from “Bethany”  at Texans for School Choice telling me that our state representative, Glenn Rogers, voted to ban school choice in Texas.

Aside from the falsity of that statement, back in March, from the same telephone number, I received a text message from “Bethany” at Young Americans for Liberty, telling me to call our state senator, Phil King, because senators had introduced Senate Bill 8, “which blocks ONE MILLION homeschool and private school students from School Choice opportunities.”

Again, the statement was false, leading me to put the name “Bethany” in quotes since I have come to the conclusion I can’t believe anything that comes from that telephone number, so I have to assume “Bethany” might not be a real person.

A few weeks ago I received a mailer implying that Phil King was in cahoots with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Since I know Phil, and I know that any association he would have with Joe Biden would be in someone’s fever dream, I concluded that someone doesn’t mind lying to me to get their way politically, in this case in advocacy for “school choice,” which is as big a misnomer as ever there was one for the latest effort to get vouchers passed.

What all these efforts have in common is that, if you follow the money, it mainly comes from a couple of fine Christian billionaires in west Texas who want our state run according to their concept of Christianity, which apparently condones using deception, subterfuge, and bullying to achieve that goal.

The bullying comes from the fact that they will spare no expense to send out countless hit-piece mailings distorting the record and attacking their opponents — statewide — to achieve their aims.

Unfortunately, many of our state elected officials have given in to the bullying and are voting for the policies espoused by these two fine Christian gentlemen.

But at least one of our local elected officials in state government has stood up to the bullying, has voted his conscience, and has supported public education. Dr. Glenn Rogers should be commended for his courage, his integrity, and his ability to demonstrate a dedication to truth, and not to lies.

Randy Keck has owned and published The Community News since May of 1995.


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