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Thistles and Roses

Excessive heat causing a multitude of problems


The excessive Texas heat this summer of 2022 is causing a multitude of problems, especially for Parker County.

Drought and water issues have been especially difficult for those of us in neighborhoods where each house is dependent upon a well. Each household is pumping water from the same underground formation called the Paluxy Aquifer. The Paluxy is a sand formation from ancient sea beds that is porous and stores water. It is not limitless.

This formation is not uniform in width or depth. According to the water well contractor that services our well, we have too many people pumping water from the Paluxy.

Some homes are having more problems than others maintaining water pressure. We simply don’t have enough water to keep lawns green and have enough to keep toilets flushing. It is also nice to be able to take a shower and wash our clothes and dishes.

The Paluxy sand has outcroppings of sand at the surface, and depends upon rain, which is not happening right now, to recharge the formation.

Each homeowner is independent but we need to cooperate by limiting water use As I stated in a previous column, the long-term solution is to connect to the Tarrant Water District surface water. The cities of Aledo, Willow Park, and Hudson Oaks have already done so. These cities have the authority to limit water use.

The rest of us need to wake up and find a permanent solution that doesn’t depend on Paluxy wells.

Another problem is fie hazards caused by dry grass and brush. Some fool started a fire last week by shooting off fireworks even though there was a county wide burn ban. Another rocket scientist threw out a cigarette from a vehicle and started another fire.

If I seem a little snarky, it is because I am tired of people not using their common sense when it comes to water usage and fire hazards.

Electricity demand is another state-wide issue. We need to turn off lights and other electrical appliances not in use. We need to turn up the thermostat on the a/c units a few degrees. ERCOT says that these small changes could make a big difference and we save a little money.

We can cope with this heat and drought and electricity shortages if we modify some of our habits and attitudes.

But we better do it sooner than later.


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