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Consider a puppy party


A recent story on KTVT Channel 11 reported that, according to Lauren Anton, executive director of Saving Hope animal rescue, many animals they have rescued from kill shelters and other places are dying of forms of parvo and influenza. They don’t find out the animals are sick until they have been taken in for foster care and adoption. But they still have healthy animals that desperately need homes. 

The Community News recently reported that Saving Hope announced plans to build a no-kill shelter on the Aledo-Iona Road. That facility can’t be built soon enough.

Anton reported that during COVID, people stopped spaying and neutering. Now all shelters are packed with more animals than ever. The Channel 11 report stated that rescue groups say a shortage of veterinarians, a spike in costs to vaccinate, and voluntary surrenders have contributed to the current situation. Many are being euthanized at kill shelters because they simply don’t have room and too few people wanting to adopt.

Anton stated that, locally, her organization has 1,200 dogs and cats in their care for adoption.

If you visit their website, www.savinghoperescue.org, you can view photos of the many animals that need homes. If you see a dog or cat that you like and want to adopt, there is an application to fill out. Saving Hope charges an adoption fee that covers vaccinations and spaying or neutering. Owning an animal is a responsibility and there are costs associated. You have to be serious when you want to adopt.

Their fees are small compared to purchasing a French Bulldog, the number one most popular breed in the world. You are talking about $4,000 for a puppy. This breed has many problems with breeding with artificial insemination and c-sections required in many cases. See www.frenchbulldogbreed.net Very few French females can give birth naturally. I wonder why such a breed was ever developed.

My point, which may seem obscure is, there are many animals in this world that need homes and love, and will give it back many times over. All of the dogs in our home have come from the street or shelters. 

For now we need less thought about pedigree and more thought about spaying, neutering, and vaccinating. The current misery for so many animals has been caused by humans. But humans can stop it. 

Contact Saving Hope and ask about giving a puppy party. Puppies will be brought and people can see the animals first hand. You can’t immediately take them home. The adoption application and process still has to be followed, but individuals who are committed have a good chance of being an owner. 

And remember, from wherever you obtain a pet, spay, neuter and vaccinate.

Richard Henderson is a local resident who practices law and helps rescue unwanted animals.


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