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City encourages smart water usage

Rate restructuring, exceptional drought, heat affect water bills


“What’s going on with my water bill?”

Many North Texas residents and businesses are asking this question now as a result of an exceptionally hot and dry summer, and with forecasters saying there’s more on the way. 

The result has been record or near-record water use in Aledo as well as across the region.

That, combined with Aledo’s recent water and sewer rate increase and restructuring means many Aledo property owners are now seeing unusually high water bills.

The city is on standby to help as needed. If you suspect your water meter may have been read incorrectly, call the city’s Utility Billing branch at 817-441-7016 and request a re-read at any time.

What this all means is that it’s more important than ever that customers do everything possible to use water smartly – both to keep their own water bills manageable, and to reduce strain on the overall water supply.

Outdoor water usage can account for 50% or more of customers’ water bills, even in a normal summer, but especially in an exceptionally hot, dry year.

Due to these issues, the City of Aledo prohibits outdoor watering between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. to reduce water loss to evaporation, and the twice-a-week maximum watering schedule following the City’s Water Conservation Plan.


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