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Bearcats of Character named for November


Aledo ISD Board of Trustees recently honored 11 students for exhibiting the Positivity Project - or P2 - character trait of Integrity on their campus. 

P2 says that integrity really boils down to always doing what is right, even when nobody is watching. People with integrity practice what they preach and maintain a consistent pattern of behavior aligned with their values. Integrity is closely aligned with the character strengths of honesty and authenticity. People with integrity tell the truth and have alignment in their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The following students are Bearcats of Character for November 2022:


Aledo High School

Jerry Olazaran, 12th grade

Jerry Olazaran shows incredible integrity and leads by example at all times. Band director Jake Albin said “he acts the same in band and out of band…his character is simply outstanding. He says ‘yes sir’ for everything. There is never a day that he isn’t approachable, teachable, and respectful! Jerry is the type of kid that elevates the students around him. Kids want to be just like him. He treats everyone respectfully. He is uplifting, he is genuine, and he is fair minded. I trust Jerry completely. He is exactly the kind of leader that we want in our program…a true servant for others!”


Aledo Learning Center

Skylar Haley, 10th grade

Skylar was nominated for this month’s Bearcat of Character award by several of her teachers. She demonstrates integrity in her daily interactions with staff and peers. She is honest about her work and is reflective about how her actions impact herself and those around her. Skylar shared a story during P2 guidance about a time when she could have taken something, but she chose not to. In sharing her story, she showed her integrity from her past actions and in being an example for other students on campus.


Daniel Ninth Grade

Mesoma Emeka Okoye, 9th grade

Mesoma Emeka Okoye is a very bright student who always displays integrity. According to Coach Martinez, she comes in, puts her phone in the holder (without being told to), and gets busy on her bell work. She then helps get her table going as well.

“When we are doing individual Canvas assignments, I never have to question if Mesoma is doing her work because she is almost always the first to be done and usually offers to help others—a true example of integrity in the classroom. I have also witnessed Mesoma holding the locker room door open for others in the morning, showing her compassion for her teammates/friends.

Ms. Staats, English teacher, enthusiastically agrees with Coach Martinez. She shared that she often observes Mesoma helping her classmates with work and is always very encouraging. She is kind in the way she talks to everyone and is always so positive. She is making an impact daily and shows others, through her words and actions, what it looks like to live a life of integrity.


Aledo Middle School

Wyatt Dorsey, 6th grade 

According to Mrs. Kuhns (6th grade RLA Teacher), “Wyatt Dorsey is an outstanding individual. One of the things that I most admire about Wyatt is his determination to better himself in every way possible. Wyatt is a leader in and outside the classroom. He leads by example, always doing what is right and never faulting. Those around him notice this and follow suit. I know that Wyatt will continue to achieve great things as he has already set himself up for success!”


McAnally Middle School

Josiah Mendoza, 8th grade

According to staff at McAnally Middle School, Josiah embodies the true definition of integrity; doing the right thing when no one is looking. Josiah stands out as a silent leader. He is the last to eat his food everyday during his lunch time. He waits in the line, until all of his peers have gone before him, then gets his tray of food and heads to his seat to enjoy his lunch. After lunch, Josiah makes the conscious choice to stay after all the other students have left the cafeteria and help clean up and straighten chairs so that the next grade has a clean and organized cafeteria to enter for their lunch.

“We also see Josiah working extremely hard in all of his academic classes and athletics. He asks for extra help, attends tutorials, and puts in extra hours of work to ensure he is being successful. He puts his very best effort that he possibly can into everything he does; just because it’s the right thing to do. McAnally wants to recognize Josiah for going above and beyond when no one was looking, but what Josiah doesn’t know, is that we are looking, and we sure are proud.”


Annetta Elementary School

Tessa Harvey, 4th grade

Tessa's teacher, Mrs. Rutherford, said “Tessa exemplifies what it means to have integrity. Her honesty, truthfulness, and sincerity make her a leader in our class. She is reliable, dependent, trustworthy, and a friend to all. If you ever need a helper, a friend, or someone you know you can trust, you seek out Tessa. We are so thankful for everything she brings to our class and school."


Coder Elementary School

Savy Link, 2nd grade

Second grade teacher Paige McCarthy said “Savy Link exemplifies the character trait of integrity in everything she does. She is honest, trustworthy, and always does what is right. She is a leader in the classroom and is admired by her peers and teachers for her respectful and positive attitude. She is kind to others and sets the standard for the qualities every Coder Cat should represent.” Emily Hearne, Art Teacher, said "Savy is the epitome of integrity. She is kind-hearted, honest, and always puts her best foot forward in everything she does. She is a great leader and a wonderful role model to her peers!”


McCall Elementary School

Victoria Monterroso, 5th grade

Victoria’s nominator at McCall Elementary School said “Victoria is very conscientious of doing the right thing. She works hard and is truthful in words and actions. She also has an uncanny way of holding others accountable for integrity without alienating others. Her actions are always carried out with kindness and integrity. We are honored to have Victoria represent McCall this month!”


Stuard Elementary School

Finn Durnil, 4th grade

Finn shows integrity in all that he does. When nobody is looking, he continues to do what he should do because he knows that this is right. He is honest and forthright, even if it means he has to admit he made a poor decision, which is rare. Finn truly shows his character with his actions. His classmates can count on him to make good decisions and lead with integrity.


Vandagriff Elementary School

Caleb Altendorf, 5th Grade

Caleb is always doing the right thing even if no one is watching. He is honest and a great team player.


Walsh Elementary School

Straus Mernik, 5th Grade

Straus comes in the classroom everyday with a positive attitude and a smile. He consistently tries his best in all that he does. His work ethic is amazing and such a great example to his peers. Additionally, Straus chooses to do the right thing even when no one is looking. I have seen him pick up after others, help a student who was injured and needed assistance in the classroom, and always is kind to his peers. He embodies the characteristic of integrity with his honesty, respect for others, and his actions each day.


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