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Gregory Scott Gates

1. Describe your personal traits and experience that would make you a good sheriff.

I am a man of my word. It is an element of my character regardless of whether I am interacting with family, friends, clients or now, as part of my candidacy. I am a successful businessman with more than 35 years of experience running a businesses here in Parker County. My business success and experience place me in the unique position of understanding the financial and managerial aspects of running the Sheriff’s office. Our current Sheriff has spent your money foolishly with no concern to how his spending is paid for by you, the hard-working tax-paying citizens of Parker County. 

I am also very spiritual and a man of God. Not a day passes without prayer, thanks, and an affirmation of my faith. It guides me through every action I take and points me on the right path. I also speak the truth. Just listen to me at the debates and you’ll see that I am unafraid to say exactly what is on my mind. You need an honest sheriff and I couldn’t be any other way. I am a man of the people, by the people and for the people. My community is an extension of my family and I always care for my family.

2. Any law enforcement background not listed in #1.

I have lead my campaign from the very beginning by sharing that my non-law-enforcement background IS the strength this office needs. The incumbent sheriff has a career in law enforcement and it has lead him down a path of controversy, cover-up, and alleged corruption under his leadership. My supporters see that the other candidates who come from law enforcement careers will immediately fall into the same traps that have caused the need for a leadership change. I bring a fresh set of eyes to an old set of problems. The great state of Texas understood that a law enforcement background was not required to be an elected sheriff in any of its 254 counties. The sheriff’s role is administrative and managerial and requires the elected official to complete and obtain a 40 hour TCOLE certification, (1701.351) within two years of taking office, which I will immediately obtain. An inaccurate misconception is that the elected sheriff is required to complete the same 660 hour TCOLE certification that is required in other law enforcement positions.

3. What are your goals for the sheriff’s department once elected?

First, to provide safety to the citizens of Parker County and to the inmates in our jail. Second, I will bring an end to the unchecked spending for the department and jail. I will personally partner with the commissioners court to review every contract with the department and will end the costly and failed contract with the Louisiana based, “for profit” company, LaSalle Corrections ($8 Million dollars) and bring the money and management of our jail back to Parker County.

I will also eliminate the issues that plague both our department and the jail. I know of no other county in Texas (or anywhere) with a higher incident of “in-custody” deaths than Parker County. It is claimed that there have been many “questionable,” in-custody deaths since Sheriff Fowler took office. They just had another one on Feb. 4 and the sheriff has kept it quiet as yet another deputy related in custody death could ultimately undermine his efforts to continue in his elected capacity.

I will also begin working with the community’s churches, corporations, and schools to implement after-school programs for our students. There are highly effective programs in other counties around the country which serve as excellent models for our own Parker County needs. I also intend to work with community partners to aid in addict recovery programs, address homelessness, and to put an end to the human trafficking problem that Sheriff Fowler denied existed during the NAACP candidate debate earlier in February. The sheriff then ended his speaking engagement that evening claiming he had spearheaded the “sting” operation that I was contracted to assist with during a Super Bowl weekend nine years ago. Imagine how much this problem has grown in nine years as Sheriff Fowler continues to deny the problem even exists.

4. Why do you want to be sheriff?

First, to protect the citizens of Parker County and to make sure our schools, streets, businesses, and houses of worship are the safest in the nation. Second, to end the jail management contract with LaSalle Corrections. The dallasnews.com reported that the Parker County Jail, under LaSalle Corrections’ management, has hired 24 “temporary” and untrained jailers (out of 77 total) and that these “temporary correctional officers” do not require their training be completed prior to their one-year employment anniversary. This is extremely high as the average number of “temporary hired officers” is four in other county jails. I will end this $8 million-plus annual contract. According to the dallasnews.com, LaSALLE has amassed a growing empire of county jails plagued by complaints and an unacceptable number of deaths in their facilites.

We need to bring the money back to Parker County and ensure the jailers are trained and paid a better wage, retain our current professional officers and fully train them how to deal with our inmate population, while saving our taxpayers money. Additionally, I am running because I believe the sheriff should be accessible to the citizens he or she serves. I will be accessible to anyone who needs my time and assistance. Additionally, because I have the courage, vision and strength to take on the issues hiding in plain sight within the sheriff’s administration. No other candidate has campaigned on, made a promise to, nor has the spine to take on the few bad apples who currently run the department due to absence of leadership. I will put an end to it! Finally, because I am the #1 candidate for this job.

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