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Loose dogs in Springtown maul three calves, killing one

*Warning: Graphic Photo*

From the Parker County Sheriff’s Office:

Parker County Sheriff’s Animal Control Officers responded to a call where three calves were mauled by a pack of dogs running loose in the area.

Parker County Sheriff’s deputies initially responded to the 100 block of North Longhorn Drive in Springtown, after the homeowners reported one of the calves died following the dog attack Sunday around 6:30 p.m.

The owners reported the calves were kept on the property in an enclosed round pen.


The dogs are known to roam the area in a pack ranging from two to six dogs. It is unknown where the dogs live or if they are strays.

Parker County Animal Control has been called to the area at least one dozen times in the last several years regarding dogs roaming the area, bite calls and aggressive dog calls. On several occasions animal control officers were called to the scene, the dogs were no longer in the area. Regarding those calls, animal control officers and deputies canvassed the area searching for the dogs, which could not be located. On at least four separate occasions over the past two years, animal control officers were able to capture four of the strays, taking them to the Weatherford-Parker County Animal Shelter. Sheriff Larry Fowler said the dogs have not only become a nuisance, but danger to the public.

“We have been trying to locate and capture the remainder of these dogs, and we want to warn the public not to approach them due to their aggressive behavior,” Sheriff Fowler said. “Yet, we urge the public to contact our dispatch center immediately if these dogs are located.”

Sheriff Fowler added he does not blame the animals but the animal owners.

“Once again, this is a people problem, not an animal problem,” Fowler said. “This is a tragedy which could easily have been prevented if people would spay, neuter and vaccinate their pets, and follow the laws regarding keeping their dogs inside a secured area. If people are seeking to get rid of their pets, we strongly advise that they bring them to their local shelter to surrender them, and not dump them off in the county.”

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