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Special Crimes Unit arrests 15, seizes drugs, cash and guns


The Weatherford/Parker County Special Crimes Unit (SCU) began targeting a group of suspects in March of this year who were allegedly involved in a multi-county drug conspiracy. The investigation began when Weatherford Police Department (WPD) School Resource Officers alerted SCU that students reported a Weatherford resident was selling large quantities of drugs.  Investigators were able to identify the suspects as Kortney Dei Stepich, 36, and Stephen Lee, 34.  Investigators conducted surveillance on the suspects around the clock for several weeks. During this time, SCU was assisting PCSO Investigators on what was thought to be an unrelated burglary case and learned the suspects had intentions of selling or trading stolen firearms to Lee and other associates for drugs. Investigators learned that Lee and Stepich, along with several of the below listed persons, were involved in an ongoing methamphetamine and gamma-hyrdoxybutyrate (GHB) distribution organization.

During the investigation, SCU executed over a dozen search warrants and court orders, seized over 4 pounds of methamphetamine, 14,464 grams of GHB, 4 guns and $14,000.00 in cash.  All of the drugs seized originated in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with the majority of recipients being Parker County mid-level dealers. Interviews and analyses from the persons arrested thus far indicate that over $100,000.00 worth of methamphetamine and GHB were sold locally in a months’ time.

SCU investigators hope to utilize the Engaging in Organized Crime (EOC) statute to charge all of the suspects involved. An EOC case allows prosecutors the flexibility to encompass local dealers with their associated drug cartel in another jurisdiction.  SCU has arrested 15 defendants thus far for EOC and one person is still being sought. SCU stated this investigation is continuing and that more arrests could be forthcoming.

Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler stated the Weatherford/Parker County Special Crimes Unit has been instrumental in making the streets of Parker County safer.  “It is inevitable that big city crime will creep into our community but we will utilize all resources available to us to make those criminals regret their choice.”

Parker County EOC case (arrested individuals)

Colton Bigham

Ariel Brown

Chelsea Duncan

Coty Franks

Landon Gass

Nicholas Gomez

Michael Higgins

William Johnson

Stephen Lee

Brandon Malaspina

Sue Mobley

Tandyn Moran

William Roberts

Kortney Stepich

Ascencion Vela


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