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Owner, groomers respond to social media dog video


A Facebook video has created an uproar in the Aledo-Willow Park community today.

The video appears to show a groomer at Ring Leaders in Willow Park striking a dog. Users of the social media platform have been quick to call for “tracking down the owner.”

By the end of the day, the situation had reached the level of death threats and threats of violence against owners and the business facility.

The Parker County Sheriff’s Dept. responded to a call at the location Thursday morning, but did not file an offense report.

The Community News was able to speak with the owner of the dog.

The owner has been a Ring Leaders customer for 13 years and did not wish to see any actions taken against the business.

According to the owner, the dog yelps when its paws are touched.

While the video is mainly obscured, it was reported that the dog snapped at the groomer, who responded with the action seen on the video.

“If a dog nips at you, you slap him on the nose,” the dog's owner said

As for all the uproar on social media, the dog’s owner said: “it’s just wrong – it’s not true.” The dog's owner pointed out that all of the grooming at Ring Leaders is done out in the open – anyone can walk in at any time to see how the animals are treated.

One of the owners of the business said they consider all of their customers as friends and seek to take good care of their pets.

Calls and threats to the business have come from as far away as California.


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