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Larry Fowler

1. Describe your personal traits and experience that would make you a good sheriff.

Throughout my travels as a Deputy United States Marshal, I witnessed a multitude of law enforcement supervision and leadership styles. I experienced what worked and what did not. Additionally, I had the opportunity to establish and supervise several successful multi-jurisdictional task forces throughout the country. When I returned home to Parker County, I brought all of the best attributes I acquired at the federal level and integrated them at the Parker County Sheriff’s Office. I truly believe that any administratively-minded person, with a strong background in law enforcement, can run a sheriff’s office, but to be successful the person needs to be a strong leader with clear vision for his subordinates to follow. I am that leader. It has not always been easy, to say the least, but through perseverance we have managed to forge the Parker County Sheriff’s Office into the respectable, modern law enforcement agency it is today.

2. Any law enforcement background not listed in #1.

I started my law enforcement career with the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office. I later joined the Weatherford Police Department where I rose through the ranks to lieutenant and was second in command.  After I left the U.S. Marshals Service and returned to Parker County I became the Executive Director for the Parker County Crime Commission, an investigator with the Parker County District Attorney’s Office, and the Chief Deputy of the Parker County Sheriff’s Office. 

3. What are your goals for the sheriff’s department once elected?

My primary goal, as any sheriff’s should be, is to keep the citizens of Parker County safe. I never forget that my family lives here too. The sheriff’s office is constantly re-evaluating the quality of service we provide to the citizens of Parker County while utilizing the resources at our disposal in the most efficient, effective, and progressive manner possible while remaining transparent. I believe that excellence is our minimum standard and the residents of Parker County deserve nothing less.

The sheriff’s office accomplishes this by equipping our deputies with current crime fighting tools and techniques, staying up-to-date with technology, and providing them with the latest training and resources available in law enforcement. I strive to be a good steward of the taxpayers’ money and constantly look at ways to save money. My deputies are community-minded, diligent, professional, and possess a “service first” mentality. They accomplish the mission of the Sheriff’s Office through proactive, innovative means. We are unrelenting while seeking out crime, but we will never forget that we work for the citizens of Parker County. 

4. Why do you want to be sheriff?

After I left the United States Marshals Service, I returned home to Weatherford and worked at the county level for the crime commission, the sheriff’s office, and later with the District Attorney’s office. While working in these areas, I realized that our sheriff’s office had so much potential, but was lacking a forward-thinking vision and a clear mission so I decided to run for sheriff. Our growing county deserved a more progressive, innovative, and updated sheriff’s office.

Using the extensive experience I gained through my law enforcement career, I developed a plan to reorganize and update the existing sheriff’s office. My staff and I have worked diligently over the years to create task forces, expand the communications center, lobby for budget increases to hire and retain deputies, and purchase additional patrol vehicles, to name a few. Although I’m proud of what I have accomplished, I decided to seek re-election because I feel the work, my work, is not completed. Our county is growing every day. Our needs are changing. My intent is to continue to be proactive and constantly re-evaluate the agency in order to enforce the law and protect the citizens in our community while providing quality service.

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