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Fred Hammons

1. Describe your personal traits and experience that would make you a good sheriff.

I’m a conservative Republican who proudly honors and will protect the Second Amendment. I will stand beside you to protect your civil rights and the Second Amendment.

I will bring respect and honesty to the sheriff’s office. I started the Fort Worth Police Academy at the age of 23, 34 months after graduation from high school. I also worked for the City of Fort Worth in a civilian capacity as well. During this I was appointed to the position of Vice President of an association that would meet with the city mayor, city manager, and city council on projects and concerns dealing with capital projects as well as benefits for all city employees. During this time we would focus on how we would help the city move forward while providing outstanding customer service with the least cost to the city. I have approximately 33 years of service in public service and proud of every minute because it was focused on helping the community.

2. Any law enforcement background not listed in #1.

I have several years of experience in the law enforcement field. This includes several hundreds of hour of training and supervisor responsibilities. I have worked along side and with some special units to obtain more training and experience than just an average officer. I worked as a supervisor, field training officer, and instructor during my career. I was also a volunteer firefighter EMT and a Code Enforcement officer.

3. What are your goals for the sheriff’s department once elected?

I want to ensure that the office operates on a professional level while serving the community. I will organize a professional staff to evaluate and provide suggestions to improve the efficiency of the sheriff’s office. I will make sure that the training of the staff is up to date. We have had too many people dying in the Parker County jail and we need to put a stop to it. I will look into the lack of training concerning the jail staff and I will work endlessly to increase the training needed.

I will focus on reducing the “top-heavy” positions and work to place more deputies out on the streets where they are needed. This will increase visibility and at the same time it will promote the customer service that the community is entitled to on a daily basis.

I will work closely with the commissioner’s court as well as other agencies to promote the image of Parker County in a positive image while utilizing the taxpayers dollar. 

4. Why do you want to be sheriff?

“We need change.” We need to get back to serving the community. I will be the sheriff that never sleeps. I will not be the 8 to 5 sheriff; instead, I will be available when you need me. This position should not be punching a clock as it currently does. As your sheriff, I will come to you because residents should not have to take time away from their families to speak to me. Because at the end of the day “I work for you.” We need a leader that is willing to get out in the community and hear what they are saying. Parker County is growing and we need to get out front to move forward. The sheriff needs to be out asking the county questions like what problems are we having in this area, what can we do to increase response times, and how can I serve you better as your sheriff.

We need to be honest with the public. If something happens, be upfront with it instead of trying to hide it.

As we move forward we need to be more visible on the streets and more respectful of the community we serve. “To honor the badge, first you need to respect the community you serve.” We can do this by being better at what we do as peace officers.

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