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Paint shack to be moved to ‘undisclosed location’

Elizabeth Schnolis is shown here is 2015 creating artwork on the paint shack.

The iconic Aledo Paint Shack, located on the grounds of the Aledo Church of Christ, is moving again – this time to storage until a new location has been found.

The church had provided a home for what was once just affectionately known as “The Building” for the past several years since it was moved from the grounds of Church at the Crossing, and prior to that, its original location next to the railroad tracks.

Joe Glover painted this tribute to Elvis Presley in 1977 back when it was simply known as “The Building.”

Leaders from the Church of Christ approached the city more than a year ago, asking the paint shack be moved to a different location. Church deacon Sam James told city leaders the church had struggled with irresponsible painters, messes left behind, and paint on rails and in the parking lot. Perhaps most upsetting to the church leaders, the shack has been used for political messaging on more than one occasion.

“It has come to the city’s attention many times that some individuals have not acted responsibly when painting on the paint shack,” Aledo city staff said in a Facebook post. “In particular, individuals splatter paint on the church railings and parking lot, which is private property. Additional clean-up has been required as well, including picking up paint cans and paint brushes left on the site.”

Multiple attempts to find a new location have failed.  The shack will be placed in storage until a new location is found.

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