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Willow Park anticipates additional water supply

The City of Willow Park anticipates being able to sign a contract with the City of Weatherford on Monday that would provide an additional 200,000 gallons of water per day for the city.

Willow Park has been experiencing problems with production from its water wells that led this week to Stage 4 water rationing.

In an email to city council members on Friday, Willow Park City Administrator Bryan Grimes said the Weatherford Municipal Utility Board discussed an agreement that would “supply Willow Park with an initial amount of 200,0000 GPD (gallons per day) and potentially up to 300,000 GPD while we make repairs to our well system.”

A connection between the Weatherford and Willow Park water systems was made several years ago, but due to turnovers at Willow Park City Hall, the current staff was unaware of the connection until it was discovered by a Willow Park city worker last week.

Although the agreement from Weatherford is the main factor in obtaining the additional water, there are some requirements from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality that have to be met as well.

Grimes also informed the council that the city has been working with TCEQ to get permission to drill two replacement wells.

“Both of these wells are located at the Public Works Building on Indian Camp Road,” Grimes said in his email to the council. “By replacing a well, we are essentially drilling a new well at a certain distance from the current well. In terms of production, Well # 14 is registered at 90 gpm (gallons per minute), but is only producing 20 gpm. Well #15 is registered at 150 gpm, but is only producing 42 gpm.”

Grimes anticipates approval from TCEQ by Monday. Once the replacement wells are drilled, Grimes said he expects another 200,000 gallons of water per day to be available to the city.

The wells will be paid for with funds on hand.

Grimes also informed the council that the system was recovering from watering on Thursday, and “we expect to meet the peak demand that will occur on Monday.”

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