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Zan Prince announces campaign for Parker County Republican Chair

Zan Prince, the longtime chair of the Parker County Republican Party, has announced she will run for re-election in the position. Prince has served as chairman, a non-paid elected position, since 2005.

“The number of registered voters in Parker County has increased and as results the county traditionally votes more than 80 percent Republican,” Prince noted in a release. “These results reach across Texas and the nation, making Parker County….a leader in voter turn out in elections from the White House to the courthouse.”

As Chair of the Republican Party, Prince maintains the party website www.parkergoptx.com and distributes all local party information through many media outlets, including local publications, social media, and printed mailers at election time.

One of the primary responsibilities of the party chair is to receive the applications from anyone wishing to run as a Republican, and to be the first line of information gathering and distribution to voters.

The chairman also conducts the local monthly meetings of the Republican Party Executive Committee.

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