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Weatherford and Parker County

High speed chase yields 16 year prison sentence


In a trial that concluded Tuesday afternoon, a Parker County jury sentenced a Weatherford man to 16 years in prison for leading state troopers on a 28 mile chase at speeds up to 100 m.p.h. in northern Parker County and southern Wise County.

George Wayne Brown, Jr., pled guilty to evading arrest with a vehicle on Monday and elected to have a jury determine his punishment.  The offense occurred after a trooper attempted to pull Brown over for speeding in the early morning hours last January 24.

“He was determined not to be stopped because he knew he would be arrested on his numerous felony and misdemeanor warrants,” said Assistant District Attorney Jeff Swain, who tried the case with Assistant District Attorney Kathleen Catania.  “He was wanted for felony bail jumping related to a felony drug offense in Kerr County.  He also had four other felony convictions for drug offenses, which significantly impacted his punishment.”

A video of the 30 minute long chase shown to jurors depicted Brown leading the trooper around numerous smaller country roads at high speed, failing to stop at around a dozen stop signs, Swain said.

Brown testified during the trial and told jurors that he was addicted to methamphetamine at the time and that he just wanted to go see his son, a toddler, one last time before he went to prison.  Several family members and family friends testified for him and said that they see a real change in him since his most recent arrest.

“This defendant is a repeat offender who committed a very dangerous offense,” Swain told jurors in closing argument.

Jurors deliberated for around an hour and a half before returning with their verdict.

“Mr. Brown will be eligible for parole when his actual time served plus his good time equals four years,” Swain said.  “Of course, eligibility for parole does not mean entitlement to be paroled.  That will be up to the Board of Pardons and Paroles.”

43rd District Judge Craig Towson presided over the trial.

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