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Coder Elementary teams compete in Destination Imagination tournament

Mrs. Ballard's and Mrs. Wilson's team

Earlier this semester, six teams from Coder Elementary competed at the Greater Fort Worth Region Destination Imagination Tournament for the second year.

Mrs. Dempsey's Scientific Team
Mrs. Dempsey’s Scientific Team

Two third/fourth-grade teams – the Scientific Team led by Sandy Dempsey, and the Technical Team led by Clay McKenzie and Cynthia Turner – placed in the Top 15 of their Competition Track.

Mr. McKenzie and Mrs. Turner's Technical Team
Mr. McKenzie and Mrs. Turner’s Technical Team

A third team – the Fine Arts Team led by Kimberly Lowe – placed Fourth in their Track.

Mrs. Lowe's Fine Arts Team
Mrs. Lowe’s Fine Arts Team

All three second-grade teams – led by Jennifer Kirkpatrick and Kelly Neff, Rhonda Wilson and Jerry Ballard, and Paige McCarthy and Lynda Wright – received medals for their hard work.

Mrs. Neff and Mrs. Kirkpatrick's Team
Mrs. Neff and Mrs. Kirkpatrick’s Team

The Lurking Shadows team – led by McCarthy and Wright – received top honors: the da Vinci Award for Outstanding Creativity and Teamwork.

Mrs. McCarthy and Mrs. Wright's Team
Mrs. McCarthy and Mrs. Wright’s Team

Only four Early Elementary teams are given this award at each tournament, where more than 900 teams compete.

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