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Letters to Editor

Supporting Rogers


As the March Republican Primary approaches, I’ve been struck by the apparent lack of critical thinking skills.

Why are people not studying what the candidates represent? Why doesn’t the truth about who is paying for their campaigns cause interest? Why would Texans in District 60 support vouchers that will defund our public schools and raise taxes? 

Mr. Olcott supports vouchers, not our local students or teachers. Mr. Olcott’s campaign is basically being run for him by voucher lobbyists, West Texas billionaires, and even out-of-state billionaires (their names are easily available as are the PACs they’ve created). As the saying goes: “Follow the Money.”

Representative Glenn Rogers supports teachers and students and has a voting record which proves that. I’m thankful that I can trust him to vote for teachers like me, I’m thankful that he cannot be bought by billionaires who don’t even live close to District 60 (or even in Texas), and I’m thankful that teachers taught me critical thinking skills.

- Mary Sue Blackwell
Retired Educator


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