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Split Rail Golf Course changes management


One of the focal points since its opening in Parker County has been Split Rail Golf Course. This golf course has been growing and under going constant improvements over the years, and for some time was closed due to changing management and needed additions to the clubhouse.

At the Annetta City Council meeting on Thursday, March 21, a concern was brought to the council’s attention that was not on the agenda but was in discussion during public forum. George Ripley, who is one of the owners of Split Rail, spoke on behalf of the other investors in regards to an issue they are currently dealing with.

“We are looking for some assistance from the City of Annetta. At the present time, we are selling alcohol in our clubhouse to our patrons, but the clubhouse is located in a dry county," Ripley explained. "What this means is that we can’t have the alcohol delivered by our suppliers. Instead, we need to pick up the inventory ourselves, which makes the costs a little higher.”

What Ripley was asking is that the city take into consideration to hold a special election sometime in the future so the citizens would be able to vote to approve the delivery of alcohol to Split Rail Golf Course.

The owners of Split Rail just hired Troon Golf Club Management out of Scottsdale Arizona to take over management of the club. Troon is the largest golf club management organization in the world and will advise the investors on how to operate Split Rail more efficiently.

“One of the changes that we are looking to make is to offer our members a unique and exotic menu one of two nights of the week. This is just in the early stages and we are still looking at menu items but, this is something we feel our members deserve,” said Ripley.

New business on the agenda included canceling the May 4 general election for council places 1, 2 and 4 of the as Shane Mudge, Danny Coffman and Jim Causey are running unopposed. This allows all of them to remain on the council.

The next city council meeting will be held on April 19 at 7 p.m.


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