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Willow Park

Good things coming to King's Gate Park


King's Gate Park now belongs to the City of Willow Park and big things lie ahead for the 22-and-a-half acres city officials call a gem.

Topping the list is a fundraising narrative by the nonprofit Weatherford Mountain Bike Club to raise $16,500 for the construction of a kids mountain bike skills area and trail called Trinity Track. It will have berms, an armored trail, bridges and other trail elements suitable for children and beginners.

Using rock to armor or pave the trail is an alternative that hardens the tread while being more friendly to mountain bikes on multi-use trails. A berm is compacted soil, loose gravel, stone, or crushed rock that intercepts and diverts storm water runoff.

In addition, 3,000-plus linear feet of singletrack trail will be constructed on the park property to help beginners progress to riding more difficult mountain bike trails.

Other fundraising goals include creating a new recreational trail user amenity to King's Gate Park, trail markers and EMT locations for Willow Park Fire and rescue, a Trinity Track trailhead kiosk with a map and rules of the trails and a sign with the name of the park.

Since the complete amount has yet to be raised, no deadline has been set for the additions. For those wishing to help with the cause, there are no online donations accepted. Donations can be made at these locations:

*Willow Park Plains Capital Bank, 100 Crown Pointe Blvd., Suite 102.

*Willow Park City Hall, 120 El Chico Tr.

Checks should be made out to Weatherford Mountain Bike Club.

Restrooms coming

And, of course, restrooms are on the city's radar, something Willow Park Director of Communications and Marketing Rose Hoffman said is part of the city's master parks and trails plan.

"It'll be a capital expenditure," she said. "Willow Park is home to a number of families with young children. Any amenities we can provide are going to make the city more attractive and enjoyable for the folks living here and those coming here," Hoffman said.

Currently, King's Gate Park has a playground highlighted by a jungle gym and other play equipment, with benches next to the playground.. On both sides are small soccer fields. And, of course there is a trail that goes around the entire park, including lots of green space, which Hoffman said is also very popular.

"Every time I drive through that neighborhood there are people out enjoying that space and that park," she said.

The park was created in 2021 as part of the Willow Park north development. It is located on King's Gate Road between Meadow Place Drive and the Interstate 20 Service Road near The Shops at Willow Park.

In August the Willow Park City Council voted to accept the dedication of Kings Gate Park from Wilks Development to the city and agreed to repay the cost of replatting.

"If you're looking for a place to relax and unwind, King's Gate Park is the place for you," Hoffman said.


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