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Letter to Editor



The WANTED flyer in the mail saying Representative Glenn Rogers is WANTED for working AGAINST our schools, teachers, parents, and students is FALSE. The flyer states Rogers is working with liberals against Governor Abbott to deny a pay raise for teachers, $68 million in local school funding, and access to high-quality schools for all students. That is also FALSE. Dr. Rogers is working for EVERY constituent in the district he serves. 

Governor Abbott called four special sessions last year to pass his EDUCATION SAVINGS ACCOUNT (vouchers) initiative. It failed every session. Because it failed, Abbott has made it clear he wants those Republicans that voted against his initiative to be voted out of office. 

Governor Abbott is the reason teachers did not get a pay raise and much-needed school funding was denied. He held those two initiatives hostage until his voucher system was approved. Now, he is attacking members of his own party to replace them with those that will vote with him regardless of what their constituent’s desire. 

I am appalled that we are seeing a movement to elect people to leadership positions who want to be power-seekers rather than public servants to every citizen they serve. The only way we can stop this movement is to vote for people like Dr. Glenn Rogers who applies his values to make decisions in behalf of his constituents rather than ignoring them to please autocratic leaders. 

It is time we stop this power-seeking movement. Vote for Dr. Glenn Rogers.

- Joe Tison 



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