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Aledo defeats the O.D. Wyatt Chaparrals 45-9

October 12, 2012 by Ken Hoover

It occurs to me, again tonight, that Bearcat Stadium in Aledo is a nice place to watch the sun set behind the Scoreboard at the West end.

Aledo won the toss and will receive at the East end.

Jonny Carter returns the kickoff out to the Aledo 39 yard line. The Bearcats will start from there on their first drive of the night.

Two first downs, mostly on two Caleb Frysinger carries, a long run from Pate Davis, and the last 10 yards on a run by Jess Anders, make the score 7-0 Aledo after the Chance Nevarez PAT.

Wyatt responds with a drive that has the ball at the Aledo 30 yard line quickly, from their own 20. They are at the Bearcat 5 yard line when a holding penalty backs them up to the 17.

They go for it on a fourth and 17 and the Bearcat defense stops them at the Aledo 1 yard line with 99 yards to cover.

Aledo is held to 3 plays, but a good punt gives the Chaps the ball back at their own 35.

The Bearcat defense forces a punt and they have the ball back at their 43. A nice pass from Pate Davis to Caleb Frysinger moves the ball to the Wyatt 27. Jess Anders runs it 24 yards and Caleb Frysinger takes it in from there. The PAT is good, Bearcats lead 14-0 with 1:30 in the 1st Quarter.

A Jared Hinsley tackle for a loss and a nice stop by Shea Wood in the open field will end the first quarter 14-0 Bearcats.

Aledo will get the ball back at their own 46 yard line after a Clayton Lowe return for a touchdown is taken off the board for a blocking in the back penalty.

Caleb Frysinger catches a pass for 25 yards and the Bearcats are in business at the Wyatt 25. Jess Anders has 15 yards up the middle to the 8 and covers the last 8 yards on the next play. PAT is good and Aledo leads the Wyatt Chaparrals 21-0 in the 2nd quarter.

Wyatt has a nice return and have good field position at their own 46. After a couple of first downs they work from the Aledo 24.

The Aledo defense bends, but doesn't break, Shea Wood picks off a pass in the end zone and gets the Bearcats the ball at their own 20. After a rough start the drive gets some help on a nice run by Jess Anders. After being stopped, the Aledo punt attempt goes wrong, with a ball being snapped through the end zone, and Wyatt is now on the scoreboard, 21-2 Aledo.

Again, Wyatt has good field position, working from their 42 yard line after Aledo kicks the ball back to them, following the safety.

The Aledo defense gives up a couple of first downs, but when they need a big play on a fourth and one, Daythan Davis comes up with a big tackle for a loss, and the Bearcats take over on downs at their own 26 yard line.

Pate Davis to Taco Anderson for 10 yards and a first down. Pate Davis keeps for 14 yards and another first down. Caleb Frysinger makes a nice catch at the Chaparrals 31 yard line for another first down.

Pate Davis passes to Quanel Williams for 31 yards and another Bearcat touchdown. 28-2 after the PAT by Chance Nevarez.

Wyatt starts at their 42. One pass play later they are at the Bearcat 31. quarterback keeper, left side to the 20.

Time will run out in the first half with Wyatt driving in Aledo territory, but the Aledo defense has not allowed a point in the first half. Special teams (punting team) gave up 2.

Wyatt will get the ball to start the second half.

A reverse on the return does not fool the Aledo coverage team, the Bearcats stop it at the 10 yard line.

Clayton Lowe makes an interception and takes it all the way for another Bearcat touchdown. It's 35-2 Aledo after the PAT.

Wyatt will start from their own 25 yard line after the Aledo kickoff.

Unable to make a first down, they punt the ball back to Aledo at the Bearcat 48.

The big play on the drive is a Pate Davis keeper and Jess Anders scores on the next play, off the right side of the Bearcat offensive line. PAT is good, Bearcats lead 42-2 with 8 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

The Chaparrals operate from their own 20 yard line. Again, the Bearcat defense forces a 3 and out.

Jonny Carter returns the Chaparrals' punt all the way to the Wyatt 16 yard line. Luke Bishop hits Baker Roberson for a nice gain, but Chance Nevarez will kick a 24 yard Field Goal to make the score 45-2 Aledo with 4 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

Wyatt has another good return and will have the ball at their 32 yard line. The Chaparrals are able to move the ball.

Three Chaparral first downs move the ball into Bearcat territory and use a lot of time as the 3rd quarter comes to a close.

The Bearcat defense holds and Aledo will take over on downs at their 31 yard line.

Luke Bishop runs for a first down, then passes to Michael Reid. The drive stalls at the Wyatt 37 yard line. The Chaparrals take over there, on downs.

Wyatt moves the ball to the Bearcat 27 yard line. A nice run by Wyatt's Javonte Adams covers the last 27 yards for the first Chaparral touchdown, 45-9 Aledo with just over 5 minutes left in the game after the PAT.

Jonny Carter has another nice return out to the Aledo 32. Aaron Vidrine has a nice run up the middle for a first down. A pass from Luke Bishop to Luke Glover is good for another Bearcat first down.

A Bearcat fumble is recovered by the Chaparrals at their 40 yard line. They have a first and 10 with a bit over 2 minutes left.

The clock will run out with Wyatt driving in Aledo's end of the field at the 48 yard line.

Aledo 45 O.D. Wyatt 9 will be the final score.

Good night from Bearcat Stadium in Aledo.

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