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Stephenville 41 Aledo 28 Friday at Memorial Stadium

September 7, 2012 by Ken Hoover

Aledo wins the toss and will recieve.

Jonny Carter to the 28 yard line on the return. after no gain on 1st down, Willie Gibson makes a nice catch at the sideline for 5 yards. A pass to Caleb Frysinger is incomplete and the Bearcats will punt.

The Yellowjackets will take over at their own 34 yard line after a sure tackle by Tyson Mauser on the punt return. Aledo's defense forces a quick kick.

Aledo takes over at their own 31 yard line. 1st down loses 8 yards on bad ball handling. Caleb Frysinger picks up 12 yards on a pass to the right flat. A short punt gives Stephenville the ball at their 47.

Two first downs on two plays and the ball is at the Aledo 21 yard line. Another first down takes the ball to the Bearcat 7 yard line. A pass to the left corner of the Aledo end zone makes it 7-0 Stephenville with 8:17 left in the firts quarter.

Aledo works from the 25 yard line. 3 plays and a first down at the 40. A nice Pate Davis to Taco Anderson pass gets the ball to mid field and another Aledo first down. Unable to move further on 3 plays, the Bearcats punt to the Yellojackets 10.

Two Stephenville first downs have the ball at the Aledo 48. Another first down to the Bearcat 38. Two more plays and another first down at the Aledo 27. The Yellowjackets work from the Aledo 15 yard line and a second down pass interference call on Aledo gives Stephenville a first and goal to go from the Bearcat 2 yard line. A two yard run puts the Yellowjackets up 14-0 after the PAT.

Aledo moves the ball all the way out to the Yellowjacket 46 yard line before the 1st quarter runs out and we'll start the 2nd quarter there.

Stephenville intercepts a Pate Davis pass and returns it to the Bearcat 32.

Aledo gets the ball back on a fumble recovery. They work from the Yellowjacket 43. Jess Anders covers the last 28 yards to make it a 7 point game at 14-7 with 9 minutes left in the half.

Stephenville takes over at their own 23 after the kickoff. 2 plays later they have moved the ball out to the 38. 15 yards on the next play gets the ball to the Aledo 42 yard line, and a nice run up the middle, then to the right side gets the Yellowjackets another touchdown. 21-7 Jackets with 7 minutes left in the half.

Aledo takes over at their own 36 after the kickoff. 2 good plays get the ball out to the 50 yard line and the Bearcats continue to move the ball. First and 10 at the Yellowjacket 39. Aledo goes for it on fourth and 8 and falls short on an incomplete pass.

Stephenville has the ball at their 38 yard line.
3 big plays has the ball all the way down to the Bearcat 20 yard line. Passing has worked well for the Yellowjackets tonight.

Aaron Hinsley blocks the Field Goal attempt and returns it to the Yellowjacket 45 yard line. The Bearcat offense is unable to continue as a fourth down incomplete pass gives the Jackets the ball back with 7 seconds left in the first half.

Time runs out with the score Jackets 21-Bearcats 7 at the half.

Stephenville takes the second half kickoff and moves the ball quickly to the Aledo 24 yard line. A defensive stop finally forces a field goal and the Jackets lead is 24-7 in the 3rd.

Aledo will work from the 35 yard line. Caleb Frysinger carries to the left side for 65 yards for a touchdown and the Bearcats trail by 10, 24-14.

Stephenville quickly moves all the way to the 33 yard line of Aledo, then the last 31 yards come on a pass play to Jarrett Stidham and it's 31-14 Jackets with 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

Aledo is held and has to punt the ball back to the Jackets, who will operate from their own 20.

Stephenville is able to throw the ball all over the field. Jarrett Stidham from Tyler Jones is working all night. The 3rd quarter will end with The Yellowjackets moving the ball on the Aledo 28. Stidham from Jones for another score and it's now 38-14 Yellojackets in the 4th quarter.

The Bearcats take over at their own 17 yard line. Jess Anders runs the ball well to start the series, then Caleb Frysinger twice for a first down at the Jackets 35. A holding penalty backs Aledo up, Pate Davis runs for what appears to be a first down, but it's called back on a penalty. but later he runs for 3 and another first down to the Jackets 23. Pate carries again for 6 yards and a first down at the Jackets 8 yard line. Pate Davis carries again for a touchdown from the one yard line. A two point conversion on a pass from Pate Davis to his brother Daythan Davis makes the score 38-22 Stephenville.

After holding the Jackets and forcing another kick, the Bearcats score in a 61 yard pass from Pate Davis to Willie Gibson. The two point conversion is dropped and the Bearcats trail by 10 at 38-28 with less than 3 minutes left.

The Yellowjackets kick a field goal with 38 seconds left to take a 41-28 lead.

Good night from Memorial Stadium in Stephenville


Well, well... Easy to see who

September 7, 2012 by gcjc031310, 3 years 22 weeks ago
Comment: 201

Well, well... Easy to see who can be passed on- easily!

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