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Special WP City Council meeting: Sept. 27, 2010

September 27, 2010 by Dominic Genetti

City of Willow ParkRefresh your page often for frequent updates

10:19 p.m.-No action in Executive Session. Meeting adjourned.

9:35 p.m.-Motion passes. Council is in Executive Session.

9:33 p.m.-Hickerson makes the motion, Alderman seconds, for the finalization to move the sale forward.

9:31 p.m.-Council is discussing the acquisition of the Deer Creek and Dyegard water systems. The ETJ boundaries play a major role in the sale that is officially finalized on Oct. 1 (the first day of the 2010 fiscal year budget)

9:17 p.m.-Next item: Willow Park's extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ). Rider Scott is addressing the council.

9:15 p.m.-Hawkins asks Swift back for the Oct. 11 regular meeting. He says it will take more than one meeting to make determinations on what the city should do. No action is taken.

9:11 p.m.-City Administrator Candy Scott tells the council that the engineering budget is not funded for the 2010 fiscal year for certain projects. What's not projected into the budget, she said, is reimbursable expenses.

9:08 p.m.-Swift says he's addressed citizens requests.

9:07 p.m.-Gordon Swift takes the podium. He tells the council to figure out their expenses, the city needs to determine if certain projects are engineering projects.

9:05 p.m.-Hawkins asks Ground to establish a listing of current and pending projects for the city.

9:00 p.m.-Hawkins suggests having a hard copy of all documents in a library form. Martin says having hard copies is not necessary in most cases. Ground has approached the podium to explain the billing of expenses.

8:58 p.m.-Martin says without certain information, the city cannot manage the funds well.

8:57 p.m.-Martin suggests the council receive ideas of expenses from the engineers before projects are committed too.

8:54 p.m.-Council moves onto the next item. Councilman Gene Martin wants to establish the control and management of engineering services. Gordon Swift is the senior city engineer. LAN Engineering is the city's engineering firm, according to Hawkins.

8:52 p.m.-Ground says the city would not be charged if a change order is put in place to not put sidewalks in along Stagecoach Trail. The city could be charged for the money spent for surveying to install the sidewalks.

8:50 p.m.-Councilman Mark Hickerson brings up the sidewalks along Stagecoach Trail. Jeff Ground of LAN Engineering is addressing the issue.

8:47p.m.-Meeting is called back to order.

8:39 p.m.-Hawkins calls a five-minute break after the city's voice recorder for the meeting becomes full of space.

8:31 p.m.-Hawkins is addressing bond and debt payments.

8:20 p.m.-Brown is presenting that the council look over the municipal road budget and funding obligations.

8:19 p.m.-Meeting comes back to order.

8:02 p.m.-Council takes no action on Willow Park Village. Hawkins calls for a 10-minute break.

7:58 p.m.-Wallis continues to present issues to the council. Storm sewers are being discussed. Hawkins has asked to move on.

7:42 p.m.-Hawkins says he wants to caution any action with the Willow Park Village Home Owners Association for now for the sake of future councils. He says they will address the issues in a November workshop and wants to work with the HOA with their needs.

7:42 p.m.-Hawkins is asking several questions of Rider Scott. The city attorney says the roads in Willow Park Village are public.

7:34 p.m.-Rider Scott says just because certain roads in Willow Park Village are dedicated to the City of Willow Park, the city is not responsible for them. Action, he said, has to be taken before the city is responsible for the roads.

7:30 p.m.-Wallis tells the council that documents and ordinances show Willow Park Village was issued full city services when it was annexed. Wallis provided the council with copies of the ordinances. Hawkins has asked City Attorney Rider Scott to address the legalities.

7:24 p.m.-Eric Wallis, president of the Willow Park Village Home Owners Association, is addressing the council on road and infrastructure issues in Willow Park Village.

7:18 p.m.-Brown comments to the council and citizens about the efforts to fund the fire department for the 2010 budget. Brown said he "regrets" that the city was not able to give the fire department more. Mayor Pro-tem Hale Alderman announced that he is not effected by the new ad valorem tax rate (the money goes to the fire department) but will donate the money he would be paying to assist the department's finances. The fire department will have a $409,000 budget in 2010, the same as 2009. Hawkins wanted to cut the department's funding by 10 percent (the same as other departments) but a lowered projected engineering fees budget and a reduction in other projected expenses gave the department more money.

7:15 p.m.-Motion passes. Tax rate takes effect when the ordinance is published in the official city news paper. The Community News is the newspaper of record for the City of Willow Park.

7:10 p.m.-Council is reviewing an ordinance that will instill an ad valorem tax rate of 47.05 cents. Hawkins said the tax raise will force property owners to pay $20.05 for every $100,000 the property is worth.

7:09 p.m.-Motion passes. 2010 fiscal year budget in place.

7:03 p.m.-City Councilman Barry Brown motions to accept the new budget.

7 p.m.-Council begins to discuss new business. First on the list is the 2010 fiscal year budget.

6:48 p.m.-Hawkins encourages the media to report on the many "good things" that are happening with the city and the city government. He says there is just as many "good things" to report on as much as there are "negative things." The mayor said he hopes today's events with the water system sales will serve as an example.

6:41 p.m.-Mayor Ken Hawkins is addressing this afternoons finalization of the Deer Creek and Dyegard water systems. He is acknowledging the council and other city representatives.

6:37 p.m.-Meeting is called to order.

6:32 p.m.-About 20 citizens have gathered at city hall as the mayor and city councilmen arrive for tonight's meeting.


Outside of setting the budget for the 2010 fiscal year, the Willow Park City Council is expected to discuss and ad valorem tax rate increase that may include a levy for debt obligations and a levy for maintenance and operations.

The council is also expected to discuss Willow Park Village, the municipal road budget, engineering services and the city's extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ).

The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. at city hall.

Tonight's agenda is available at the city's Web site:

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