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Weatherford bank robber sentenced to 15 years

September 14, 2010 by Randy Keck

From the Parker County District Attorney's office

Frisco Dewayne Tucker, 20, of Arlington was sentenced to 15 years and a $3,500 fine for robbing a Weatherford bank in a trial that concluded Tuesday, Sept. 14 in Parker County District Court. Tucker had applied "Super Glue" to his fingers to avoid leaving fingerprints.

Tucker pled guilty to the robbery charge on Friday and elected to have District Judge Don Chrestman assess his punishment.

In the September, 2009 offense, Tucker entered the bank dressed in a baggy t-shirt with a baseball cap pulled down low to conceal much of his face. After waiting in line, Tucker approached the teller and passed her a note which started, "This is a bank robbery. I’ve got a gun but don’t want to hurt anybody. No die packs or tracking devices!!!"

"The teller testified that she was afraid that Tucker would hurt someone during the robbery, so she cooperated, as she had been trained, and he got away with over $1,700," said Assistant District Attorney Jeff Swain, who prosecuted the case with Assistant District Attorney Nikki Morton. "From the testimony of the branch manager, the staff of the bank was very shaken up by the robbery."

While the robbery was caught on a surveillance video, the quality of the video footage was not sufficient to identify the suspect, Swain said. After Weatherford Police Detectives released portions of the video to the news media, they received a crimestoppers tip indicating that Tucker was the person who robbed the bank and disclosing details not previously released.

Detectives developed a fingerprint off of the robbery note and matched it to fingerprints from Tucker’s 2009 arrests in Tarrant County for two credit card abuse felonies and four burglary of a motor vehicle misdemeanors. Tucker was sentenced to 180 days in state jail and the county jail for those crimes.

"It’s unclear if Tucker forgot to put the superglue on his fingers before he wrote the note or if he missed a spot, but we were very fortunate to get that print because it really made the case," Morton said.

When he was arrested a week after the offense, Tucker initially told officers that he did not commit the robbery. However, when he was confronted with the fingerprint evidence, he eventually admitted that he robbed the bank.

"This was a case of good police and forensic work that would not have been possible without the help from the community," said District Attorney Don Schnebly. "Crimestoppers is a great program that really paid off in this case."

"At the time of the robbery, this defendant had only been out of the state jail for five weeks," Swain said. "When he was arrested for the Tarrant County offenses, he had only been on felony theft probation from Oklahoma for a little over two months. To top it all off, when Tucker had a bond violation warrant on the robbery case, he threatened to beat a deputy to death with a baseball bat if he tried to arrest him."

"The rate at which he was committing crimes and the nature of the offense, with all of the planning that went into it, justified the lengthy sentence that was assessed, even in light of Tucker’s relative youth," Swain said.

Robbery is a second degree felony punishable by two to twenty years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

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