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About Judge Trey Loftin

May 14, 2012 by Editor

This letter is to encourage you to vote for the man best qualified to serve as judge of the 43rd District Court in Parker County. I personally know Judge Trey Loftin. I know him and I know his wife, Jennifer, and their children. There is a reason Judge Loftin was appointed by Governor Perry to fill the unexpired term of Judge Don Chrestman when he retired.

Judge Loftin presented himself to Governor Perry and his aide to be the right choice for the job. The Senate agreed with the Governor.
There are four reasons I think Governor Perry showed good judgment.
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Judge Loftin is Competent
Judge Loftin graduated from Baylor University. Next he attended Cambridge University, and then went to the University of Tulsa College of Law. There, he won a scholarship, was on law journal and was president of the honor society. He served as a criminal prosecutor in Tarrant County and never lost a felony jury trial. He was just as effective in private practice and won
jury trials for some of the most serious type of cases as well. He is Board Certified in Criminal Law.

Judge Loftin is Capable
Judge Loftin has already shown how very capable he is to be the judge by the manner in which he has handled cases that have already come before his court, i.e. the Maxwell case, where the older woman was captured, kidnapped, tied on a hog rack and raped repeatedly by her captor. I had people who attended the trial to relate to me how very kind and respectful Judge Loftin was to Ms Pearson and how gentle he was with her as she had to relive her ordeal on the witness stand. Judge Loftin was also given a case with Range Resources that involved the EPA. Rush Limbaugh was so impressed with the way Judge Loftin handled that case, he mentioned it on several of his radio broadcasts. He said something similar to, "Thanks to a Tough Texas Judge like Judge Trey Loftin to sock it to Obama's Environmental Wackos!" This got the attention of the United State Senate. Republican Senators referenced Judge Loftin and his decisions in a demand letter to the White House and argument on the Senate floor. This led to the publicized firing of the EPA Administrator--whose comments were first discovered and confronted in Judge Loftin's court here in Parker County!!!

Judge Loftin is Compassionate
Judge Loftin goes out of his way to make jurors comfortable. He explains to them exactly what is going to happen in his court. He makes them feel needed and included. I know this to be true. I was summoned to jury duty in his court and I observed him very carefully. Although I was not selected to be a juror, a friend of mine who was scared to death when she walked in to that courtroom, felt proud that she had the opportunity to serve and assumed her civic duty. She is a big supporter of his reelection bid. He has been known to purchase pizza for the jurors, when they are close to a decision, so they can continue deliberation in order to expedite their tasks and save taxpayers the cost of their having to come back the next day. I have already referred to Ms. Pearson and how very courteous he was to her. I know that he treats everyone with tremendous respect.

Judge Loftin is Civic Minded
Although this is a pubic, not parochial position, Judge Loftin and his family are very active in churches and their school system. Judge Loftin and his wife have taught Sunday School at Christ Chapel and Wednesday night classes for kids at Trinity Bible. They used to work for President Bush's Prayer Breakfast and Trey used to work for Young Life ministry. He is on the board of New Day Services which provides chaplains and free classes and services to children and families in juvenile and family courts. He coaches YMCA leagues, and teaches or lectures at home school groups for history, lawyer ethic classes, and colleges for legal studies. He belongs to Weatherford Rotary, Springtown Optimist, Weatherford Lions, and East Parker County Chamber of Commerce. In Aledo, he helped Advocats start their Teen Court, and he volunteers with PTO and with "Watchdog". He helps little kids learn to fish. He also has gone with me to greet the troops--at 5 am! Many of these things he was already doing before he became the judge. Trey likes to serve people. This is just who he is.

I’ve said all this to say that it is with pride that I encourage you to cast your vote for Judge Loftin on May 29th. Early voting starts May 14! Please join Bob and me and vote for Trey Loftin to remain our judge!

- Carolyn Hull Estes

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