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Stolen Campaign Signs

May 10, 2012 by Editor

My husband and I moved to Parker County almost five years ago, and I have never gotten over how wonderful it is to drive back home every evening after a long day of work in Fort Worth. Each evening, as I make that turn on 1187 and come through Aledo, then follow the curve around onto Old Annetta Road, I feel a sense of gratitude as I get closer to our home in Deer Creek.

Lately, the last few miles of the drive has been dotted with a number of campaign signs, both for our municipal elections and the upcoming primary later this month.
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As the campaign treasurer for Bill Lunsford, who is running for re-election in Annetta, I've actually put out some of those signs, so I've watched with interest as other signs have been placed by various candidates in the past few weeks.

Imagine my surprise and shock when I turned on Old Annetta Road last night and saw that someone had REMOVED a number of the signs we had placed along the road for Bill's campaign.

At first, I thought maybe the guys who mowed the grass had moved them, but then I quickly noted that all the other candidates' signs were still present. As I drove along, I noticed that EVERY one of Bill's yard signs along Old Annetta Road leading up to the entrance to Deer Creek was gone.

I was stunned...and so disappointed. Not only was this a case of outright theft, it showed just how low some folks will stoop in a political campaign!

I drove a little further down and realized that in some cases, someone had actually CUT THROUGH the zip ties that held the signs on fences!

Really? Is that what this race has come to? Is that how badly someone wants to win - or wants their candidate(s) to win?

I was just broken hearted.

This is our HOME. While we may disagree on certain issues, I never thought it would come to this. I never thought that someone would actually steal signs that were bought with campaign donations. I just never dreamed such a thing would happen in our small little town.

It is not my place to investigate this crime. And I will leave the judgment to God. He is in control of all things and I sincerely believe that His will is sovereign and will be done in this election. I do not believe that He will honor deceitful tactics, nor do I think that those who choose to behave in this way or associate with those who would do something like this should be placed in leadership positions in our community.

I pray that the PEOPLE will see the truth in this matter and vote accordingly.

Kathryn B. Thompson

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