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Two Candidates We Don’t Need

May 3, 2012 by Editor

First is Bill Lunsford. I judge him to be a good person. One of faith and strong ethics. He’s made some positive contributions to council’s decisions.

As important as these things are, the town’s issues one supports are fundamental. 1. He doesn’t support the two acre lot size requirement. 2. He doesn’t believe his basic task is to represent the voters by voting the way the majority of them want. He thinks he knows best without asking the people what they want. 3. He has never known an Annetta Council “regime” except the previous one run by a developer, which was an aberration. Our town has 30 years of history and most of it was very different from his experience. 4. I’m puzzled by his use of the term “re-elect”. He was selected by the council to fill a vacancy. At the election time in 2010, all councilmen whose terms were over were unopposed, and consequently he has not experienced being elected by the people. In short, a very good man with the wrong attitudes for what the town of Annetta needs.
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The second candidate we don’t need is Mike Brasovan. Again, a good man with the wrong attitudes.

He’s only been here something over six months. He’s not had time to learn about our culture. More than that he has shown that he has no interest in it.

We do need Larry Wood and Bruce Moore. I don’t like writing things like this, but our town is at the crossroads.

While the conclusions are my opinions, this is not unfair or untrue negative campaigning. I have heard the things my statements are based on with my own ears.

For four years I’ve been working to turn this council culture back to what it used to be – one that represents the people. I am Farrar Patterson, Annetta council place 5. I have been active in council matters off and on since the beginning, 30 odd years ago.

-Farrar Patterson

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