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Bod4God Weight-loss Seminar

April 9, 2012 by THOMAS VIDAURRI

Date: Monday April 16, 2012
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Where: Highland Baptist Temple
6939 Palm Ave Highland, CA 92346

Personally invites you to attend the introductory seminar to our Bible Based Weight Loss Campaign

Presented by special guest speaker Pastor and Author of {Bod4God} Steve Reynolds.

Several years ago this program was featured on national and international media including FOX News and CNN.

Steve Reynolds {aka} the "anti-fat pastor" received huge notoriety when he wrote his book {Bod4God} which applies Biblical principles and scriptural truths for better health concerning weight-loss.

Having lost 120 pounds himself, his congregation now having lost over 12,000 pounds {6 tons} of fat, he is now on a crusade to fight obesity with God's Word by starting weight-loss competitions throughout the United States.

For me personally, I suffered from Severe Morbid Obesity, weighing {500lbs},I was unable to walk, I had diabetes, with a blood sugar of 1200, sleep apnea and was unable to lose the required weight of {50lbs} to qualify for Bariatric surgery-{Gastric Bypass Surgery}.

I read Pastor Steve's book applied the Biblical principles he had laid out, I realized as a Christian Saved by Grace, that I needed to honour my body as the Temple of the Holy Spirit, so I dedicated my body to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Fortunately, as a Kaiser Permanente patient I enrolled in a medically supervised weight loss program/which includes the {OPTIFAST 800} supplement. On my “fast” I consumed about 800 calories a day for four months, by God's grace, Pastor Steve book,{which is where I learned the disipline for}the Optifast program/supplement, I lost 97 pounds in 140 days. On average I lost a little less than 1 pound a day, this is documented in my medical records at Kaiser, this is Extraordinary, by anybody’s standards.

Since transitioning back to regular food and continuing to apply the Biblical principles I have learned from the Bod4God/Losing to Live program, as well as my commitment to honor the Lord with my body, as of April 2012, I have lost a total of 170 pounds of FAT.

Not to mention, I no longer take insulin injections or medication for diabetes, it is completely controlled, my blood sugar runs about 87 to 90 before meals, which is perfect, my blood pressures is being maintained at about 128/70, with only one medication, this too is excellent, my A1C has consistently been below 7.
Praise God!

Date: Monday April 16, 2012
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Where: Highland Baptist Temple
6939 Palm Ave Highland, CA 92346

For more information please call (909) 864-1630
Regular Classes Start 4/23 to 7/9/2012 {12 Weeks}
Cost: $30.00 for material which includes:
Book {BOD4GOD}/ T-shirt/Magnet

Note: Pastor Steve Reynolds will be more than happy to provide an interview to the news media concerning the Bod4God/Losing to Live campaign.

In Christ Jesus,
THOMAS VIDAURRI >for questions/comments
May God Richly Bless You

I am requesting the assistance of local media attention for coverage to feature this program so that we can offer it to everyone in the area.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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