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Willow Park City Council Agenda April 18, 2011

April 17, 2011 by Randy Keck

MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2011 AT 6:30 PM


I. Call to Order

II. Quorum Check

III. Invocation

IV. Pledge of Allegiance

V. Community Announcements

VI. Citizens Presentation

VII. Approval of the minutes
Regular City Council Meeting of March 21, 2011
Special City Council Meeting of April 11, 2011

VIII. Mayor’s Update
Update on Mayor’s Strategic Goals for 2011.

IX. Old Business

A. Discussion/Action – To consider and take action on all matters incident and related to the
issuance and sale of certificates of obligation in the aggregate principal amount of
$1,620,000 to be designated and bear the title “City of Willow Park, Texas, Tax and
Sewer System (Limited Pledge) Revenue Certificates of Obligation, Series 2011”,
including the adoption of an ordinance authorizing the issuance of such certificates of
obligation (Mayor Hawkins)

B. Discussion/Action – To discuss possible issuance of a different, limited 2011 Series
Certificates of Obligation or other financing options (Mayor Hawkins)

C. Discussion/Action – To consider and authorize a Change Order to the Stagecoach Trail
Construction Contract for the purpose of improving the drainage on the west side of the
roadway with monies from the issued road bonds or other available funds (Mayor

X. New Business

A. Discussion/Action – To consider and authorize a change in scope of the contract
providing for an annual Fiscal Year audit to include a partial year audit and internal
controls evaluation (Mayor Hawkins)

B. Discussion – To discuss Article 1.1100 “Official Newspaper” of the Municipal Code of
Ordinances, any Ordinances related thereto and relevant policies of compliance by the
City (Council Member Hickerson)

C. Discussion/Action – To consider and take action to authorize a municipal survey to verify
the number if municipal residents through use of a questionnaire enclosed with the utility
bill (Mayor Hawkins)

D. Discussion/Action – To discuss possible action and requirements to enact an ordinance
amending the Code of Ordinances Chapter 12, Article 12.2000, § 12.2004 requiring a ¾
vote of the Council to override a disapproval by the Planning & Zoning Commission
(Mayor Hawkins)

E. Discussion/Action – To consider and take action on Ordinance No. _____, an ordinance
approving the request to change rate in the City of Willow Park by Texas Gas Service
(Mayor Hawkins)

XI. Recess To Executive Session
Pursuant to the Provision of Chapter 551, Government Code, Vernon’s Texas Codes
Annotated, in Accordance with Authority contained in…

A …Section 551.074 – Personnel Matters
1. Review of Staff Reductions
2. Discussion of Personnel Performance

XII. Reconvene to Open Meeting

A …Discussion/Action – To consider and take action on any item discussed in
Executive Session (Mayor Hawkins)

XIII. New Business (continue)

F. Discussion/Action - To Consider and Take Action on Evaluation and or Solicitation of
Administrative personnel applications for comparison or interview purposes (Mayor

XIV. Adjournment


Ken Hawkins

April 18, 2011 by Pinkie, 4 years 42 weeks ago
Comment: 185

This guy is a moron not a Mayor. Who does he really think he is? Oh, yes, he can do what he wants because the City Council are such weaklings they can't stand up on their own. And the attorney? He's mentally defective.

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