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Legacy of Men

March 7, 2011 by Randy Keck

Web Exclusive

Randy Keck/The Community NewsTCU Head Football Coach Gary Patterson, NFL Hall of Fame member Bob Lilly and Aledo Head Football Coach Tim Buchanan were presented recognition for being on a panel discussion during the "Legacy of Men" Awards Breakfast Monday morning, March 7.

Story by Randy Keck/The Community News

Aledo Head Football Coach Tim Buchanan was a member of a three-man panel during the "Legacy of Men" Awards Breakfast today (March 7). The panel, moderated by television personality Scott Murray, also included TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson and "Mr. Cowboy" Bob Lilly.

The breakfast was held to benefit Safe Haven, a non-profit organization in Tarrant County that shelters victims of, and seeks to prevent, family violence.

While much of the panel discussion centered around football, the underlying theme was that of mentoring, role-models and helping to instill character and values in young men.

When asked how he defined "success," Buchanan put it in terms of coaching high school football players.

"Success is seeing them improve. It's seeing them get better in the classroom and get better on the field," Buchanan said. "Winning is important, because that's how you keep your job, but when you see the kids get better every day, that's success."

As the subject moved to role models, Buchanan said "all coaches are role models. Sometimes the kids see their coach more than they see their parents. We have to set a good example for these kids."

Patterson echoed the sentiment. "You'll be judged by the kind of people you turn out," he said.

Lilly recalled playing football for TCU. "I went to TCU because the coach was a good man," he said. "He was a gentleman – he had character and dignity."

Of course, Lilly went on to play for the man many regard as the ultimate head coaching role model, Tom Landry."He [Landry] treated us with respect," Lilly said. "You learn to set a high standard for yourself."

All three panel members were asked how they teach players to "turn off" their aggression when they are off the football field. Patterson referred to it as "flipping the switch," saying they teach players to know the difference of work and home.

"We talk to them about how they act on the field and off the field," Buchanan said. "They learn to treat other teams with respect."

The Legacy of Men award recipient was David Russell, Regional Vice President for External Affairs at Verizon. Russell said Verizon had more than one employee murdered in family violence incidents, and the company too it on as a cause.

"To prevent violence, we have to engage men," Russell said. "We have to get the message from men to men that this must stop."

Working for Verizon, Russell said the company came to realize the importance of cell phones for victims of family violence who are trying to start anew. The company has a program whereby trade-in cell phones are refurbished and donated to family violence shelters around the country.

The event was chaired by Hal Brown, publisher of Fort Worth, Texas magazine.

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