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WP Council City Council meeting, October 11, 2010

October 10, 2010 by Dominic Genetti

City of Willow ParkRefresh your page often for frequent updates.

12:15 a.m.-No action taken in executive session. Meeting adjourned.

12:07 a.m.-Council remains in executive session.

10:04 p.m.-Council is in executive session.

9:57 p.m.-Brown moves to combine items I, J and K and take no action on the items and postponing them. Martin was to present the items.

9:55 p.m.-Council will have a workshop Nov. 8.

9:50 p.m.-Hawkins suggests a workshop for early November. The mayor says he would like to discuss certain items before they are voted upon in an actual meeting.

9:44 p.m.-Council approves an ordinance that will make the south portion of Ranch House Road one way during construction. Fines for violating the ordinance could be $100 or higher.

9:42 p.m.-Hawkins says there is a plan to have an East Parker County Event in regards to the sale of the Deer Creek and Dyegard water systems. The mayor says this event is to move the relationships with the neighboring city's forward. Hawkins says the event may be held the week before Thanksgiving.

9:39 p.m.-Meeting is called back to order.

9:28 p.m.-Hawkins calls for a five-minute break.

9:26 p.m.-No action by the council. Council will now consider in a community recognition event for the sale of the Deer Creek and Dyegard water systems.

9:06 p.m.-Tonight's presentation to the council is to determine which engineering firm should do Phase II of the project. Two engineering firms are present to speak to the council.

9:01 p.m.-Phase I of ramp relocations is already complete. The city wants to move the Ranch House Road exit back near the FM-1187 Aledo exit and then install a ramp in between Ranch House Road and FM-5. That ramp is to give access to the new Harris Hospital that is expected to come to the area.

8:57 p.m.-Item D. Council to consider or take action on authorizing certain preliminary engineering for the relocation of the Interstate-20 Ranch House Road exit ramp.

8:56 p.m.-The motion passes. The cost of the study completion cannot exceed $36,000.

8:51 p.m.-Alderman moves to fund the completion of the study.

8:43 p.m.-Hawkins: "Water is one of two parts of these negotiations."

8:38 p.m.-Engineer Gordon Swift is addressing council. Hawkins said he is meeting with Hudson Oaks Mayor Pat Deen at Swift's office in regards to the issue.

8:36 p.m.-Agenda moves to New Business Item C. Discussion/Action on necessary and appropriate surface water engineering reports with possible participation by Fort Worth, Weatherford, or Hudson Oaks.

8:34 p.m.-Hickerson's motion of $7,500 passes. Councilmen Alderman, Hickerson and Tatum all voted in favor. Brown opposed.

8:33 p.m.-Hawkins suggested $2,500. The mayor cannot vote.

8:30 p.m.-Councilman Mark Hickerson suggests giving the East Parker County Library $7,500 tonight and call. it a deal. Hawkins said, "We're spending money more rapidly than we're taking it in."

8:23 p.m.-Brown would like to wait until the next council meeting before giving money to the East Parker County Library. The council has also used the tourism fund to support Ride For Heros, the Aledo Band Boosters among others. Bearcat Stadium is also requesting money from the tourism fund. Hawkins said he would entertain a motion to wait or to give.

8:08 p.m.-Councilman Barry Brown doesn't want to give any money to the East Parker County Library until statistics are available that show the number of Willow Park residents that use the library. Alderman asks why the library isn't in Willow Park considering it is the largest city in the region.

8 p.m.- Council is considering a request from the East Parker County Library to have money taken from the city's tourism fund to assist with the library's expenses. The East Parker County Library is located in Aledo.

7:58 p.m.-Council approves the Planning and Zoning Commission's for a rezoning of land that will be known as Trinity Church properties.

7:57-Meeting is back to order after a "five-minute break".

7:41 p.m.-Council takes no action on the procedures establishing controlling and managing engineering services.

7:36 p.m.-Council takes no action on the municipal road budget. Next on the agenda is an establishment of procedures controlling and managing engineering services. Gene Martin proposed this to the council, however, he is absent tonight. Hawkins is giving his opinion of the proposal.

7:33 p.m.-Councilman Hale Alederman says the costs involving sidewalks along Stagecoach Trail is "way too much."

7:28 p.m.-City Administrator Candy Scott says the city has heard complaints out the lack of traffic direction at the corner of Ranch House Road and Bankhead Highway. Signs at the intersection have also been an issue. The council is expected to vote later tonight on an ordinance that will make the south portion of Ranch House Road one way during construction.

7:25 p.m.-Engineer Jeff Ground says the improvements to Ranch House Road are moving along.

7:17 p.m.-Agenda moves to "Old Business". First on the list is the obligations of the municipal road budget.

7:15 p.m.-City project representatives are updating the mayor.

7:06 p.m.-Hawkins says that the public cannot rely on the press after he handed out copies of The Community News to members of the council. The mayor said that the media "has an agenda of portraying Willow Park in a negative light." He also cited a quote from Annetta South Mayor Gerhard Kleinschmidt in The Community News' coverage of the Deer Creek and Dyegard water systems sales. Hawkins called the Annetta South mayor's words "insulting language" and "unnecessarily inciting." Hawkins then blamed The Community News for starting the issues of the Deer Creek and Dyegard water systems that led to a half-decade-long legal debate. "The original fight would have never occurred if The Community News never did that kind of (negative) reporting." The mayor concluded and said that something needs to change or that people should stop buying The Community News.

6:57 p.m.-Mayor Ken Hawkins is discussing his relationship with the media.

6:51 p.m.-Agenda moves into Mayor's Updates.

6:50 p.m.-Council approves the minutes from regular and special meetings dating back to July 19.

6:44 p.m.-Part eight Community Announcements. Councilman Barry Brown is updating the city on the activities of the Bearcat Regiment this past weekend. Brown calls it a "great success."

6:43 p.m.-Return to public meeting.

6:41 p.m.-Recess to public hearing. A rezoning of land that would make way for development in the city. The area is to be known as Trinity Church Properties.

6:37 p.m.-Meeting is called to order. Councilman Gene Martin is not present.

6:31 p.m.-Council members are gathering in City Hall for tonight's meeting.
For their regular meeting Monday night, the Willow Park City Council will have 13 business items to discuss including an ordinance that will make the south portion of Ranch House Road one way during construction and the engineering of a new Ranch House Road exit from Interstate-20. Eleven business items may result in action by the council.

In his update, Willow Park Mayor Ken Hawkins is expected to discuss his relationship with the media and the sale of the Deer Creek and Dyegard water systems.

The meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. at Willow Park City Hall.

Follow the meeting online with The Community News. Frequent blogging will be available at throughout Monday night's meeting.


Oct. City Council Meeting

October 15, 2010 by Pinkie, 5 years 17 weeks ago
Comment: 176

It's good to know that Hickerson is concerned about spending money the city hasn't brought in. Yet he is so willing to give the library $7500. Is he going to give money to the Aledo stadium and the dinner players at Los Vaqueros and Ride for Heros? Let's not forget the $5000 the Aledo Band Boosters asked for, then they were give $10,000.

Will the Mayor pull out the $1000 PEACE PIPES and Tomahawks (Willow Park's expense)at this East Parker County Event?

Let's not forget the bashing Hawkins gave the Community News. He forgot to mention the BASHING of the City Administrator that HE put in the Weatherford Democrat. Where does all the negative crap start?

When will the councilmen wake up to what this man is doing?

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